Thomas D. Osborn Mosaic Hardwoord Floors

mixed media

Mixed Media



Parquet Borders Foyers Flora/Fauna Kitchens/Baths Mixed Media Etc Libraries/Museums Our Process Contact Home In both these floors,  when you stand on them barefoot, there is a textural difference, but no difference in elevation.  Coordinating installation with the carpet installers ensured that the carpet was laid to be level with the wood floor.  Carpet can go inside wood or can surround it.  When using marble, tile, or other unyielding materials, it is important to remember that wood moves.  Those materials can be inlaid into wood, but should not surround it since that does not allow for expansion space. This is another example of pewter inlaid into wood. We have developed a technique which enables us to pour molten pewter into wood floors to create 
dramatic burnished silver inlays.  the pewter wears and sands like wood, so the floor stays level over time, unlike brass and other hareder metals.  Here you see several examples.  All the silver in the loon is poured pewter.  When we installed the walnut floor you see, we used 7 inch through 14 inch wide boards.  To increase stability, we used pegs and butterfly keys of purpleheart.  Instead of removing the knots in the boards, we cleaned them and poured molten pewter into them, creating an interesting effect.