Thomas D. Osborn Mosaic Hardwoord Floors




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Lincoln, Massachuetts 

This multi-purpose area is used for free-standing sculpture exhibits, as a platform for speakers, and as a 
dance floor when the room is used for weddings or parties, so the floor had to be what we call furniture
neutral. The Museum did not have a logo, but often used a splat design on their publications which looked 
like someone had taken a blob of ink and thrown in into a body of water. Playing on that theme, we inlaid 
the splat of ash into a field of white oak with ripples radiating from it. We coordinated installation with the 
carpet installers so the floor is level throughout, even where the spat flows out into the carpet. This professional basketball player 
wanted to exhibit his collection of 
basketball memorabilia as well as 
highligh his own accomplishments. 
The circular shape of the room lent 
itselfto a field design of the basket's 
double helix weave. Using his signature 
silhouette as a guide, we inlaid his 
life-size figure slam-dunking the ball. The Memorial Library and Art Collection of Second World 
War was founded in New York City by Auschwitz survivor 
Olga Lengyel as a repository for World War II memorabilia. 
It is now also known for its educational programs with 
participants from across the United States. 

The architect selected an abstract eilliptical design centered 
to the overhead soffit for the entry. Design is approximately 
sixteen feet by ten feet, fabricated of 3/4 inch thick quarter-
sawn white oak and cabreuva. This private library in Dallas features the two hemispheres of an old world globe, each measuring 
seven feet in diameter. Using all full 3/4 inch thick hardwoods, we hand cut and inlaid the oceans, 
continents and islands in nine different woods: bloodwood, figure olive ash, primavera, English elm 
with burl, figured koa, claro walnut, madrone with burl, yellowheart and wenge. Featured in The 
Catalogue of Antiques and Fine Art and Architectural Digest, the more than 20,000 square foot space 
houses an impressive collection focused on American History. Commissioned by a major university 
to honor a donor, this portrait was 
done in cherry and maple, the 
predominiate woods used in the 
building he donated. 

To recognize the other donors to the 
facility, the university asked us to 
create a donor tree. The design of the 
library served as inspiration for this 
donor tree, mounted on glass, which 
graces the wall facing the portrait. 
Trunk and branches are figured maple 
and leaves are cherry. Names of 
donors are etched in glass and 
mounted between the halves of the