Thomas D. Osborn Mosaic Hardwoord Floors





Parquet Borders Foyers Flora/Fauna Kitchens/Baths Mixed Media Etc Libraries/Museums Our Process Contact Home This sixteen point, four foot diameter, compass rose is composed of concentric rings of dry-kilned American walnut, purpleheart and cabreuva with long rays of cherry and birdseye maple, short rays of satine and bloodwood , and a small center star of cherry, satine and bloodwood, inlaid in a walnut field. As we were installing this anchor with shadowing in the entry to a home office, the client purchases an award-winning racing yacht.  He wanted an exact replica of the helm inlaid at the front door, centered in the main hallway.  We used teak and ash, the woods of the  actual helm, to inlay this replica, using sapele to represent the brass center complete with the name and year of the yacht as it appeared on the helm. We met the request for a black and white compass rose with s;un and moon encircled in black and white. by using wenge and American holly to create this dramatic entry.  The sun is one solid piece of holly. The Orion Constellation, inlaid in the center of this compass rose, had major signifance for these clients who wanted a simple compass rose in the entry to their Cape Cod home.  The compass is slightly off-center to the door to meet their request that it point true north.   We used three compasses to insure that the direction was accurate before beginning installation. Boston Yacht Club, Marblehead, Massachusetts Nautical images, compass roses in particular, are popular motifs, especially in locations near the ocean.  They can take many forms, from a simple four-pointed compass to a sixteen or thrity-two pint rose.  Here are several examples of compass roses we have designed and installed.