Thomas D. Osborn Mosaic Hardwoord Floors

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Parquet Borders Foyers Flora/Fauna Kitchens/Baths Mixed Media Etc Libraries/Museums Our Process Contact Home Combining his many years of studying Aikido with his skills and knowledge of wood, Tom creates beautiful, funcional handmade Aikido weapons.  He makes jos (staffs), bokkens (swords) and tontos (knives) from a range of suitable woods, including jatoba, bloodwood, sapele, blackwood, white oak, osage orange, hickory and pink ivory in a variety of custom combinations.  As the final shaping and finishing are done by hand, there is some asymmetry and no two weapons are exactly the same. Jos (wooden staffs) Bokkens (wooden swords) Bokken handles This photograph shows 
several combinations of 
wood used in custom jos. The tonto above is blackwood inlaid in pink ivory, a rare and beautiful wood.  The legend is that pink ivory is the royal wood of the Zulu tribe.  The tree may only be cut down by the son of a chieftan and only to shape the spear he uses to kill a lion to prove that he is fit to be the next chieftan.