Thomas D. Osborn Mosaic Hardwoord Floors

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Parquet Borders Foyers Flora/Fauna Kitchens/Baths Mixed Media Etc Libraries/Museums Our Process Contact Home The tree of life border emphasizes the focus on the fireplace. For the ribbon border, we carefully selected the wood
so the grain would reflect the way the two sides of 
grosgrain ribbon play the light. The flow of the path leads visitors from the main entrance to the kitchen. Curves convey a sense of flow and can be used in many ways. Irregular spaces lend
themselves to using curved
and broken borders as a 
means of unifying the area
without making it feel
closed in. Variations of a
Tibetan mandala knot,
strategically placed in this
unusually designed kitchen,
emphasize the uniqueness,
yet maintain a unified,
open and welcoming feel.