Thomas D. Osborn Mosaic Hardwoord Floors

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"There are so many facets that come into play in creating a floor: size, shape and use of space and its relationship with other areas, placement of furniture, use of color, architectural details and the play of light, to name but a few."



Parquet Borders Foyers Flora/Fauna Kitchens/Baths Mixed Media Etc Libraries/Museums Our Process Contact Home A fairly elaborate border
on all sides of a small
space can make it seem
even smaller. However,
inlaying this intricate
border in front of the door
and along the wall
opposite the windows gave
this small room a feeling
of spaciousness. A client’s love of columns, seen in the many
columns throughout his house, led to our
proposing a border of columns for the dining 
room. The starbursts at the corners reflect the 
marble mosaic in the central entry area. Borders are not restricted to straight lines.
Curves can add graceful flow to a space as
seen with these mirror image vines and 
leaves, centered to the fireplace. A smaller
vine in front of the window gives a feel of 
completion to the room. The client came to us knowing that they wanted to use 
a  traditional border in this small log cabin with an open 
floor plan. We suggested laying the border in front of the 
fireplace, continuing it across the main area to mark the 
transition from living room to dining area. This served to 
open the space visually while separating function areas. 
Laying the wood in contrasting directions subtly 
enhanced that distinction. This client wanted carpet in the main area of the
living room “inset” in a traditional chain border of
wood. Working with the carpet installers, we inlaid
the chain border and they used long wood shingles
under the carpeting to ensure that the carpet and the
wood floor were level. A simple octagonal border in
the dining room sets the stage for the table and chairs.