Thomas D. Osborn Mosaic Hardwoord Floors

"I relish the artistic, intellectual challenge and social interaction of the collaborative design process and enjoy the Taoist, meditative quality of the physical process of installation, but the greatest satisfaction comes when I stand in the center of a finished work and know that we have created something of lasting beauty."

Thomas D. Osborn

Sample Floors

Our wood floors are commissioned designs developed in close collaboration with the owner, architect, designer or builder. While based on traditional flooring techniques, each hardwood floor is an original creation. Flooring designs may be dramatic statements or subtle counterpoints, accenting aesthetic and architectural features and complementing the shape and use of space. Family crests, monograms, thematic symbols, medallions, borders, parquet, herringbone, and abstract designs are but a few of the possible flooring applications. Our work includes corporate logos, school seals, portraits and donor trees, wall mounted, as well as inaid in floors.

All our hardwood floors are done in custom milled, full 3/4 inch thick, solid hardwoods, tongue and grooved or taper cut, hand fit and fastened for permanence. No laminate, veneer, or laser cutting is ever used. Antique wood plank floors can be custom finished and pegged, keyed or top nailed with period accurate nails. We are also able to inlay medallions, borders, and design elements into existing hardwood floors. We can coordinate installation of basic hardwood flooring with a local flooring contractor, utilizing our skills and experience in doing special designs, medallions, borders, accent pieces, key rooms and spaces, or we can contract for installation and finishing of all hardwood wood floors in the project. Cost is based on two variables: complexity of design and the woods selected.

If you are interested in exploring options for hardwood floors, whether it is a traditional, or not so traditional, herringbone, parquet, or border; a customized compass rose, medallion, monogram, or design; or something entirely different, please contact us. We are always happy to talk with you about your hardwood floors.









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